Featured Work

MinuteZine iPad iPhone App by Xanadu


MinuteZine is a video summary app that presents video content in a beautiful and easily consumable format. Instead of showing just a single screenshot and description as a preview, … More

BetBook - Android App For Rationalists


Rationalists everywhere, rejoice! Inspired by PredictionBook, BetBook is a new Android app from Xanadu that lets you go beyond tracking your predictions and assign a confidence … More

NightFly by Xanadu


Nightfly is an e-commerce app for designer nightlife fashion. Photos here were pulled from ASOS for demo purposes. We opted for an uneven grid view for the catalog presentation in … More

WhereBy By Xanadu


Whereby is a conceptual mobile app from Xanadu that helps you connect with friends based on proximity and time. Find opportune moments to hang out by browsing your friends' … More

MoveTogether By Xanadu


MoveTogether is a mobile app that makes it easy to share and discover casual social activities with your friends. Instead of texting a bunch of people to see what's up, get all … More

imiChat Profile By Xanadu


imiChat is one of the most popular mobile video chat applications on Android with over a 100 million users across the globe. The China-based product team wanted to explore … More

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Rapid Iteration On Mobile

Staying "lean" while building a web app is hard enough, but it's even harder on mobile. Labor and development costs, gated iteration, crowded app stores, and other barriers limit … More

Feeling-Focused Game Design

When game developers brainstorm a new product idea, they typically start with a simple mechanic and build their game around it. It’s common to take a classic puzzle type or trendy … More

4 Mobile Onboarding Mistakes

Apps were downloaded over 30 billion times in 2012, yet the average smartphone owner only uses about 15 of them every week. Even worse, a study by Localytics estimated that 22% of … More